Antarctica in October

October Weather & Where to Go

This is the very start of the season in Antarctica, but it can be a great time to travel depending on what you want from your safari. Most Antarctica journeys in October won’t depart until later in the month, allowing a little extra time for the winter ice to breakdown. Travelling at this time gives you an excellent opportunity to see Antarctica at its most white and icy, and to be one of the first travellers there in the season.

For photographers, October can give excellent opportunities to get snaps of penguins on the ice, or with snow falling in the background.

In South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, this is the start of the courting and mating season for penguins. Down at the peninsula itself, you may need to push through some tough winter ice. Sometimes due to ice conditions and weather, your ship may not make it all the way to the peninsula. However, the incredible snowy landscapes at South Georgia, and the wonderful penguins encounters here and in the Falklands, means it is worth booking a trip that visits all three to increase your wildlife opportunities. You may also be able to access Shackleton’s grave.


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