Antarctica in January

January weather & where to go

Much of the sea ice has receded and while you may not see as much of the spectacular ice formations Antarctica is known for, a brief window of opportunity opens up allowing some visitors the chance to visit the historic sites of Scott and Shackleton's expedition huts. 

Antarctica in January is generally warmer with temperatures a relatively balmy 15C - a good time to travel for those concerned about the cold.

There is less snow on the landscape revealing grey rock which may disappoint landscape photographers, but instead point your camera at the hive of activity in the penguin rookeries.

The young penguins are now fluffy and grey, while busy parents fend off Skua birds that feed on the chicks. The beaches are busy with the adult penguins rushing back and forth to the rookery with food for their demanding offspring.

An exciting time to travel, in January you can expect whales, penguins and seals galore.


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