The Wonder of Madagascar

Denise Frost

21 Feb 2017

Experiencing the wildlife of madagascar

My daughter and I travelled to Madagascar in September 2016 with Natural World Safaris and we had the most fantastic time of our lives. My daughter is a budding photographer and an avid animal lover, and I’ve always had a fascination for the Aye Aye and it’s always been a lifelong ambition to see one in the flesh, so the choice of a holiday destination was obvious: 'Madagascar'. 

For the duration of the trip we had an English speaking naturalist guide and a private 4x4 with driver who were both fantastic and treated us like V.I.P.’s. Our first day travelling by 4x4 to Andasibe gave us our first insight of Madagascar. We passed the terraced rice paddy fields and were given a brief history of the culture by our guide and on our way out of Antananarivo stopped by a river to watch women washing their clothes and laying them out to dry on the banks of the river.

After a few hours driving we stopped to stretch our legs and to our amazement watched an elderly lady climb a steep bank carrying wood on her head. We asked to speak with her and our guide translated for us. We were astounded to find she was 75 years old, wore no shoes and was carrying fire wood on her head for her family. 

Our experience of Madagascar was overwhelming and we had the privilege of seeing a vast array of wildlife. Our guides were fantastic and my daughter was able to photograph many species of lemurs: the Ring Tailed Lemur, Sifaka Lemur, Mouse Lemur, Indris, Bamboo Lemur, Red Ruffed Lemur, Common Brown Lemur and many more. My favourite was the nocturnal Aye Aye; we waited for over an hour but the wait was well worth it! With the expertise from our guide my daughter was able to photograph birds, a tenrec, tortoises, frogs, chameleons, insects, snakes, flowers and landscapes.

Whilst at Palmarium Lodge, local children from a nearby village sang songs and encouraged us to join them dancing, an evening of fun and laughter with the locals who made us feel very welcome. 

Madagascar is unlike anywhere I have ever been to – fantastically beautiful. Everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.


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