Zambia In September

Considered to be one of the best months for wildlife viewing in Zambia, in September you are coming to the end of the peak season.

September weather and when to go

September weather and when to go

The warm, dry temperatures continue into September. As it will be getting towards the end of the dry season, it is the peak time for wildlife viewing. Lots of the wildlife will be starting to congregate round the larger remaining waterholes meaning sightings are at optimum levels and you should be able to capture interesting images of a variety of animals in one shot. Even when driving or walking through the bush, wildlife sightings should be good as the vegetation will be less dense than earlier in the season.


Temperatures will start to creep back up throughout the month, especially in lower-lying valleys such as Lower Zambezi National Park Walking safaris may be more difficult in 29 degree heat but you are almost guaranteed long dry days so won’t have to contend with rain. These warm temperatures are also ideal for afternoon relaxation by your lodge swimming pool or sitting out on your terrace overlooking the plains.

The end of the dry season is also a great time to see large pods hippos wallowing in the lingering pools in the river beds of South Luangwa National Park


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