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Classic Zambia Safari

The entirety of this 10-day safari will be spent in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this rich wildlife destination. From your secluded lodges and camps you'll be able to head into the bush and search for giraffes, hippos, zebra, thousands of elephants and a prodigious predator population, including lions, leopards, painted dogs and more.

The work of the Zambian Carnivore Programme has ensured South Luangwa National Park is a haven for the country's predators. Lions, leopards, spotted hyenas and painted dogs all thrive here, but this doesn't mean that prey species are in short supply. Elephants, buffalo, giraffes, zebra, wildebeest and a bevy of antelope species can be found roaming the park, and by ensuring herbivore herds are kept on the move (which allows vegetation to regrow), healthy predator populations contribute to a healthy ecosystem overall. The circle of life will be on full display in this national park, where expert guides will accompany you on bush walks and game drives.

South Luangwa Valley National Park

The game here is fantastic and the guides are excellent; beautiful water glades provide the perfect grazing grounds for a variety of antelope including, impala, puku, eland, waterbuck, bushbuck and kudu. Elephants number around 20-35,000 in the entire valley with roughly 10,000 inhabiting the park itself. Lion populations are stable and there are still some beautiful young prides which seem to be doing well and are often seen in and around camps especially in the Mchenja area! The slightly reduced number of lions is in fact probably why the leopard numbers in the valley are so high with it being estimated that there are approximately 1 to every 2.5kms!

Lower Zambezi National Park

Enjoy your days explore this national park on vehicle, by boat or on foot, returning to your camp during the heat of the day for a siesta. Being Zambia’s newest National Park, Lower Zambezi remains relatively undeveloped, its beauty found in its wild state and wilderness demeanour. Its 4,092 square kilometre area shares a part of the Lower Zambezi Valley, a huge rift in the crust of the earth, renowned for its game. A beautiful floodplain runs alongside the river dotted with curved lagoons and sandbanks and peppered with acacias, tall leadwoods, ebonies and fig trees. The bush underneath is nearly absent at some points, allowing for clear sightings and a good environment for walking safaris – unless the game spots you first! The floodplains are in turn flanked by a steep escarpment, covered in miombo woodland, which acts as a natural barrier for the resident wildlife.

Victoria Falls

Known also by its indigenous name, Mosi-oa-Tunya 'the smoke that thunders', Victoria Falls is classified as the largest waterfall in the world, with a width of 1.25 miles. A visit to the Falls is a highlight of anyone's safari in Southern Africa and the area is a hub for water and land based activities. Visit the breathtaking Victoria Falls or, for an aerial view, why not try a helicopter flight over the Falls. Alternatives include white water rafting, a visit to the national park, a sunset cruise, to name a few! Most activities can be booked upon arrival, however it is advised to book helicopter flights in advance. When not exploring the area, kick back at your accommodation.

Why book this trip?

  • Exhilarating walking safari in the South Luangwa National Park in search of the abundant wildlife; hyena, leopard and lion Edge of the seat night drives, with no way of anticipating what may be around the next corner
  • Birding delight with over 740 species Enjoying wildlife spotting while cruising by boat on the lower Zambezi River
  • Watching the game wandering across the maze of floodplains and oxbow lagoons of the lower Zambezi
  • Going eye to eye with wading birds and waddling duck while canoeing the channels off the Zambezi, all under expert guidance
  • Fishing trips to catch (and release) the mighty tigerfish with its razor sharp teeth and fighting spirit Becoming starstruck by the giddying milky-way galaxy witnessed in the night skies
  • Witnessing the spectacular and mighty Victoria Falls
  • Enjoying relaxing on the upper Zambezi River at Waterberry Lodge
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Accommodation Highlights

Chongwe River Camp

An intimate tented camp with space for just 24 guests at a time. There are eight en-suite tents situated on the banks of the Zambezi River.

Tafika Camp

Tafika Camp is discreetly set in the shade of Leadwood trees, on the Eastern bank of the Luangwa River, just north of the Nsefu Sector of the Park. This small and remote camp offers fantastic personal and friendly service.