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Zambia Wildlife

Home of the walking safari, Zambia offers the ultimate twist on conventional wildlife safari destinations. This allows guests to walk among the fascinating wildlife which, despite not being a traditional ‘Big Five’ country, doesn’t mean you won’t come across some big predators…

You may see elephant herds crossing the Luangwa River, tail to trunk as they protect their young.

Lion cubs, Zambia
Zambia safari; sundowners

Wildlife & Wilderness

The wilderness areas in parks and reserves offer regular sightings of popular predators, including lions, leopard and hyena, there are also cheetah if you head south to the plains of Busanga and Kafue National Park. Large herds of elephant and buffalo roam the savannah plains whilst hippos and crocodiles wallow in their suited aquatic habitats.

Untravelled and pristine, even in the larger domains of South Luangwa National Park you will enjoy relatively unexplored territory, your senses fine-tuned to the slightest movement or noise. Hear the boisterous alarm calls of baboons flying through the trees or witness an elusive leopard stealthily greeting the night as you return to your lodge after sunset. 

Other wildlife you may encounter includes wild dog, vervet monkeys, spotted hyena, giraffe, warthog, antelope and porcupines, as well as some reptile species.

Zambia safari; walking safari
Walking safari, Zambia

zambia Walking Safaris and Conservation

The exhilaration of walking through the same land as the big game cannot be overstated and you gain a better understanding of the intricacies and nuances of tracking animals in the wild. Night drives are equally thrilling, as you set off in your safari vehicle under cover of blankets to see what nocturnal beasts await you. You soon realise that night is the domain of the hunter, as encounters with lions, leopards stalking and hyenas scavenging, eyes eerily a-glow, keep you on the edge of your seat.

Wildlife conservation efforts have increased greatly, with national parks and Game Management Areas (GMA) working closely with local communities to eradicate hunting and promote wildlife and interaction with communities. Examples such as Kawaza Village cultural visit and school demonstrate how tourism can enhance the local communities, which has a profound impact on the conservation of the wildlife in the area.

With over 740 species of bird recorded, Zambia is also well known by ornithologists, particularly in the Central African Plateau where woodlands and the wet evergreen forests of the north are perfect habitats for an astonishing array of birdlife. 

Concentrate on the smaller things you might not notice in a vehicle. Track animals by their footprints or their dung, and marvel at the skills of your knowledgeable guide.


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