Zambia In May

May is a relatively quiet month in Zambia, usually with good availability and pricing. This is a good time to travel for birding.

May weather and when to go

May weather and when to go

As with April, May is a fairly quiet time of year to travel to Zambia It lies between the long rainy season (January - March) and the optimum dry season (July - October) so most parks and lodges will remain at shoulder season prices and availability should be good. Livingstone, which lies on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, is usually busy year-round. Although the Falls change dramatically throughout the year they are always an impressive sight. In May, water levels will still be quite high so you’ll see the powerful flow of water surging off the edge.


One of Zambia’s unique species is the African shoebill. These quirky creatures seem almost Jurassic and are non-migratory so can be seen year-round. 

The weather in May is pleasant and days are likely to be warm and dry. Early mornings and late nights may still be relatively cool so bring plenty of layers for your sunrise game drives. By the time you head back to the lodge for breakfast temperatures will be getting towards 20C so you will be able to sit out for some al fresco dining. 

Another benefit of travelling in the drier seasons is that there are less mosquitoes around so you won’t need to worry about covering up. 


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