Zambia In July

July marks the start to the dry season in Zambia and is a great time to travel for wildlife spotting and walking safaris.

July weather and when to go

July weather and when to go

July officially sees the start of the dry season so tourist numbers increase and prices rise accordingly. Zambia’s parks rarely feel overcrowded though, so you will still be able to have an enjoyable safari experience despite travelling in peak season.


The drier the season, the more grazed down the grasses and bush will become, so the easier it becomes to spot wildlife As temperatures won’t be too hot yet, big cats are likely to be active throughout the day; when it is too hot they retreat to the bushes for cover from the heat and sunshine. 

The only area that is likely to be busy throughout July is Livingstone. The water levels of Victoria Falls will be starting to dry out which means the flow won’t be as impressive but it does allow for better panoramic views and photographs as the spray from the falls doesn’t block your view. More activities around the falls will be available and accessible too so you will have plenty of options for adrenaline-fueled adventures. 


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