Zambia In August

With pleasant temperatures and slightly more predictable wildlife, August can be an excellent time to head to Zambia on safari.

August weather and when to go

August weather and when to go

As the peak season continues into August, clear skies will perpetuate and days will be warm and dry. This is the perfect time of year to travel to Zambia, not only are temperatures pleasant but wildlife locations start to become more predictable. As the bush becomes less dense, animals will be easier to see and with the season drying out the waterholes in the parks, wildlife will start to congregate around the larger water supplies. This becomes more and more obvious as the dry season progresses.


Depending on which parks you choose to visit, the climate will differ slightly. Lower altitude parks will be hotter but not unbearable at this time of year and of course temperatures will be cooler at higher altitudes. Mornings and evening temperatures will still be fairly cool but they are unlikely to drop much below 10C. It is still worth bringing plenty of layers on safari so you are prepared for any weather conditions.

There will be little, if any, rainfall throughout the month of August which makes it a fantastic time to travel for walking safaris staying in tented camps in South Luangwa National Park 


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