Zambia In April

After the long rainy season, April is the first month that Zambia again becomes accessible for a safari. A great time to see Victoria Falls.

April weather and when to go

April weather and when to go

April is the first month of the year that Zambia becomes truly accessible after the long rainy season. Thanks to the rains, the landscape is lush and green but this does mean that wildlife can be more difficult to spot in the thick vegetation. 


As this is the beginning of the drier season in Zambia, most parks will still be relatively quiet so you are likely to have wildlife encounters to yourself without having to share sightings with lots of other visitors.

One of the most impressive highlights in Zambia is the mighty Victoria Falls A Wonder of the World, these Falls are a sight to behold and should not be missed on any safari to Zambia. After the rainy season of January to March, the water levels of the Falls will be extremely high and the flow will be thundering over the edge. Even just watching the falls you will be sprayed with water! At this time of year it is best to catch a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls for panoramic views away from the spray.


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