• Sifaka jumping, Madagascar

Why you should book your family safari to Madagascar

Why you should book your family safari to Madagascar

Lacking in the big game and fierce predators of its African relatives, Madagascar offers a unique and ‘hands on’ experience for your family safari. A range of weird and wonderful insects and reptiles can be discovered and closely inspected, and the instant appeal of cuddly lemurs is magnetic for children. 

Baby ring tail lemur, Madagascar

Harmless wildlife, friendly locals and fun activities

Harmless wildlife, friendly locals and fun activities

Having separated from Africa about 65 million years ago, Madagascar was to left to its own devices to evolve and as a result, over 80% of the wildlife is endemic. You won’t find any of the big game, such as elephant, lion, buffalo or hippo, but their replacements are even cuter! Curious little insects roam the forest floor, some brightly coloured, others with hundreds of legs scuttling beneath them as their bodies ripple from head to toe. Butterflies can be as big as your hand and you may be able to spot the adorable, laid back looking chameleons whose independently swivelling eyes are sure to endear – varying in size, some as small as a fingernail! Of course, the tree dwelling lemurs are the main attraction for most Madagascar family safari goers, and in some parts they have become habituated to humans. This means you can experience some wonderfully close encounters with these cute creatures and children won’t get impatient looking for them. The wonderful Sifakas are a sure-fire hit, also known as ‘dancing lemurs’ for their vibrant mode of transport across the forest floor on two legs, they elegantly make their way between trees in a way that is endlessly entertaining. In short, the variety of Madagascar wildlife provides a truly unique way to enjoy any family safari.

The Malagasy people are renowned for their friendliness and will always do their best to keep children involved as much as possible. The guiding is fantastic and done on a private basis, allowing your children to bond with your personal guide, making a friend for life and they will always do their utmost to ensure you see what you want to see, whether it be ring-tailed lemurs or leaf-tailed geckos.

Family safaris in Madagascar are completely on foot, keeping your little ones on their toes as they venture through the varied terrain, from spiny forests and jungles, to open savannah reminiscent of the plains of East Africa. 

Giraffe necked weavil, Madagascar

Where to stay

Where to stay

When it comes to accommodation there are plenty of family friendly lodges, such as Princess Bora Lodge, where you will stay in private bungalows or villas right by the shimmering ocean and have use of a wonderful 25 metre infinity pool. Vakona Forest Lodge, in Andasibe National Park - a wonderful place to spot the indri – provides some fantastic private accommodation too, so you can have some great family time (and be assured that your children aren’t interrupting anyone else…!). Anjajavy provides ultimate luxury in your own private nature reserve allowing you to explore under your own steam. Tsarabanjina offers you to relax on the beach whilst maybe the kids learn to scuba dive...

With its varied terrain, wonderful wildlife – with numerous opportunities for close encounters – and fantastic locals, Madagascar is one of the best places for a family safari.

Suggested family itineraries

Take a look at some of our suggested itineraries below, we have incorporated the best places and accommodations for families but will be happy to tailor something specific to your family’s needs so please feel free to get in touch.


Contact one of our Destination Specialists to start planning your journey to Madagascar. Please note we recommend a budget of from £7,000 / $10,000 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination.

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