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Madagascar Honeymoons

Madagascar is situated in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa and is a fantastic destination for a honeymoon for adventurous couples looking for something a little different. From the weird and wonderful endemic wildlife to a stunning coastline and tiny islands, there is plenty to see and explore.

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Why Madagascar For A Honeymoon?

Madagascar is unique and just a little bit different! If you are after some of the best beaches in the world, the island won't disappoint. The 5,000km (3,100 miles) of Indian Ocean coastline offers plenty of white-sand bays lapped by turquoise water. There is plenty of marine life that can be seen snorkelling directly off the beach while being Madagascar there is of course the quirky and unusual to explore... how about a genuine pirates' cemetery where the graves are marked with skull and crossbones?

The beauty of Madagascar is that there is so much to do and see. The National Parks offer the opportunity to hike and seek out unusual wildlife as you explore pristine forests home to over 100 species of lemur. Diverse landscapes are home to colourful chameleons, rare orchids, and towering baobab trees offering a unique blend of nature and adventure.

With a blend of cultures from European to African and Asian to Arabic, a Madagascar honeymoon offers something different and original!

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The accommodation in Madagascar can be of a mixed standard, from rustic bare-foot beach properties hidden in the mangrove forests to exclusive luxury on private islands where you arrive via an exhilarating helicopter ride over mountains, baobabs & shipwrecks.

Depending on your budget, our Madagascar experts will put together a bespoke itinerary for you, using a selection of the best properties available, of course utilising any special offers for honeymooners. We'll seek out the best secluded and romantic options for you in areas surrounded by natural beauty, from forests full of wildlife to beachsides of coral-rich shores.

Climate and when to go

Best time to go to Madagascar on honeymoon? Anytime between April and December is a great time to travel, with the latter months getting warmer.

For those with a summer wedding, you are in luck as July and August are two of the best months for travel. July marks the beginning of the high season as it is cooler with little rainfall. This means trekking the naturally humid rainforests can be refreshing and airy. The rainforests are alive with unique flora and fauna, with loads of different lemurs and other animals active. July is the first official month of whale watching season in Ile Sainte Marie and the incredible humpback whales can often be seen in substantial groups.

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How much does a honeymoon to Madagascar cost?

Madagascar honeymoon safaris offer great value for money. It is one of the lower-cost destinations in the Indian Ocean region with some fantastic options available from £4,000 / $5,300 per person that combine both the interior and beaches.

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Why Natural World Safaris for your Madagascar Honeymoon?

Madagascar is unique, astonishing... and at times a little challenging. To plan an itinerary for Madagascar, you need to know it from the ground upward as with changing internal flight schedules, different climatic zones, better times to see different wildlife in different areas and a French-speaking infrastructure, you need to know your stuff. Thankfully, our years of experience starts with our Founder & CEO Will Bolsover’s years of guiding throughout this remote tropical island and continues with our Destination Specialists who’ve travelled extensively around the island.

From where to encounter the various species of lemur, to the forgotten massif of majestic plateaus divided into deep canyons seldom visited by tourists or locals alike, we can advise and plan a trip that makes the most of your time in Madagascar, whether you want a hideaway in the rainforest or to be flown by helicopter to one of the top luxury island resorts in the world, we can take care of the details for you.

Natural World Safaris knows and loves Madagascar like no other travel outfitter. Our passion has allowed us to gain unique access to parts of the island and conservation projects that you can’t visit through anybody else.




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