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Why you should book your luxury Madagascar honeymoon safari

Madagascar is situated in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa. It is one of the world’s most underrated safari honeymoon destinations, and offers great value for money compared to mainland Africa. From the weird and wonderful wildlife and powder-white beaches, to the Relais & Chateaux properties located in their own private nature reserve, there is a vast amount to see and myriad combinations out there so you can put your own unique spin on this once in a lifetime destination.

What to expect

We understand that each honeymooner is different, but the common ground is always the desire for a safari to remember and that is precisely what Madagascar offers. From the funky wildlife safaris, to wild jungle trekking and the pristine beaches, the Red Island will offer you once in a lifetime memories that you'll never forget. Track the teddy bear-like lemurs of Andasibe as their morning calls pierce the mist shrouded forests, try to spot leaf-tailed geckos camouflaged from sight, marvel at dancing sifakas as they bounce merrily along oblivious to your presence - Madagascar really does offer something for everyone.


Typical Madagascan cuisine is influenced by a number of cultures including African, Indonesian, French and Arab. So there is a variety of food to suit different tastes. A lot of dishes are rice based, served with herbs, vegetables and curries. Fruits and vanilla flavored desserts are also common, and delicious.


The locals of Madagascar are especially friendly, and the local guides we use are superb. They show high levels of hospitality and have an unrivalled knowledge of their country and culture. Their spoken English is excellent, despite living in a French-speaking country.

Standard of Accommodation

Whilst Madagascar has been criticised in the past for a lack of infrastructure and comfortable accommodation, this is changing, and we provide you with some amazing luxury lodges, at reasonable prices. Accommodation is often made from local materials, nestled among spectacular, natural surroundings. We understand that on your honeymoon to Madagascar comfort is a high priority, and we will find something perfect for your taste and budget.


Madagascar honeymoon safaris offer great value for money. It is one of the cheapest destinations in the Indian Ocean region.

Natural pool, Madagascar

More information

Getting there and getting around

For UK travellers we recommend flying to Madagascar via Paris on Air France. The flight time from the UK is approximately 12 hours and 45 minutes and is an overnight flight.

Transport on the ground in Madagascar can be difficult and tedious, as roads are rough, distances long and transport infrastructure minimal. However, the hospitality and friendliness of the Malagasy people helps compensate for this, and the experience will be well worth the hassle.

Climate and when to go

Best time to go to Madagascar on honeymoon? Anytime between April and December is a great time to travel, with the latter months getting warmer.

Due to the varied altitude and geography of the island, the climate and rainfall does vary throughout the year and across the country. If there is something specific you’re interested in (whales, baby lemurs, chameleons), just ask, and our dedicated experts will tailor your honeymoon around your specific requirements.

Madagascar features a hot, wet season between December-March, when there is a higher likelihood of cyclones. We don’t recommend travelling between these dates. For more details on when to go, click here.

Health Issues

We always recommend visiting your GP about 8 weeks prior to travel to see what precautionary measures to take in regards to your destination, and to ensure all standard vaccinations are up to date.

The Madagascan Government also requires travellers who have previously travelled to countries prevalent with Yellow Fever to provide a certificate of vaccination for Yellow Fever upon entry.

We’re aware that the last thing you want is to be sick or injured on your honeymoon, but it’s an important box to check and attaining comprehensive travel insurance will ensure that in the unfortunate event of illness or injury, you can be transported to an appropriate hospital to receive the best care whilst away.

Wildlife in Madagascar

Madagascar is home to some endemic and incredible wildlife, and is the only place on Earth where you will find lemurs in the wild. This island is home to 100% of the lemur population, which contains over 50 different species.

As well as lemurs, over half of the world’s species of chameleon can be found on the island, and 106 of the 250 bird species are endemic. What’s more, 98% of the island’s native reptile and amphibians can only be found on Madagascar, and honeymooners spending time in some of the wonderful coastal lodges will have the chance to see swordfish, sharks, stingrays and whales.

If there’s anything specific that you would like to see whilst on your Madagascar honeymoon, just let one of our experts know and we’ll be able to advise the places and times to give you the highest chances of successful sightings of the animals of Madagascar

Anakao Beach in Madagascar

Honeymoon deals in Madagascar

A few lodges in Madagascar also offer bridal discounts so make sure you let us know you are on honeymoon so we can pass this on for you!

A few honeymoon lodge favourites...

Arrive at the luxurious Princesse Bora Lodge on an oxen and cart and watch whales breaching off the coastline between July and September. Enjoy amazing diving on the unique private island getaway of Tsarabanjina. Or head to Anjajavy Lodge, a Relais and Chateaux property set on the coast in its own private nature reserve.

Indri by Shannon Wild

Book your Madagascar honeymoon

Download our Madagascar travel guide, or talk to one of our specialists for more details on travelling to Madagascar. Please note we recommend a budget of from £7,000 / $10,000 USD per person for our style of trip to this destination