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Everything you need to know about a jaguar safari in Brazil

Trekking through wild, steamy jungles, past wildlife rich waters and past tall, vividly green trees brimming with bright coloured birds, or floating down dark rivers; this is how you watch for these wild and elusive cats.


These big cats, the largest found in the Americas, can be spotted resting in the shadows of trees, or even swimming or playing in the wild waters of the Amazon or the Pantanal in Brazil. Our safaris take you deep into the jungle at the right time to see them and, at the same time, explore with walking safaris, jeep safaris, night drives, boat safaris and even horseriding through the vast wetlands.



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Experts view: Tom Brown

Experts view: Tom Brown

Jaguars are beautiful big cats, seeing them in Brazil is a totally immersive experience. And combining it with some of Brazil’s other highlights, from beaches to cities, makes it the ultimate safari.

Jaguar safari, Brazil

the jaguar

Jaguars are usually solitary except when mating and when a female has cubs. Known as a stalk-and-ambush predator, they have very powerful jaws allowing them to pierce the shell of reptiles and to crush the skull of their prey; catching and eating anything from frogs and mice, to deer and caiman. The word ‘jaguar’ actually stems from the Native American word ‘yaguar’, meaning ‘he who kills in one leap’.

Similar to tigers, jaguars do not avoid water; they swim well in the rivers and scour for food such as fish and turtles. Most jaguars are golden in colour with spotted markings that resemble a leopard, except jaguars have a black spot inside the rosettes. Some jaguars are so dark they look like they are completely black and have no markings, although the rosettes can usually be spotted upon closer inspection.

The best time to see jaguars is during the drier months between late June and late October when the jaguars prey congregates around the diminishing water.

One of the best places to enjoy a jaguar safari is in the Pantanal in Brazil.

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Jaguar, Brazil

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