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Dog Sledding in Tromso

NWS Gemma tries her hand at dog sledding on safari in Norway

If the whales are having a duvet day in Tromvik, then a very exciting activity to try is dog sledding! This traditional practice comes from the Sami culture.

Patrick can organise a trip over to the Wilderness Centre in Kvaloysletta, where he will drop you off at 9.30am. Your first step when you get to the centre is to get kitted out in your dog sledding attire! Choose your size of snowsuit, boots and gloves and pull them on over your clothes in the changing area. Leave behind your rucksack and anything else that’s bulky as you don’t want to add extra weight to your dogs - but don’t forget your camera! You can keep this handy in the pocket of your snow suit.

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Next you are ready for your safety briefing; you and your partner will take it in turns to drive the sled and be the passenger. When driving the sled remember these four simple rules:

  1. Use the break when you need to stop, don’t let your leader dogs overtake the sled in front of you.
  2. Help push - you are a team! If your dogs are struggling with a steep gradient or fresh snow help them by using one foot to push forwards, before placing both feet back on the sled.
  3. Don’t let go! If you are driving the sled you need to give the dogs your full attention, do not try to take photos or take your hands off of the sled unless you are stationary with the weight down.
  4. Take lots of photos! If you are the passenger feel free to take lots of photos whilst enjoying your majestic ride.

Meet the huskies and introduce yourself to these lively, friendly dogs! They love being cuddled and petted so feel free to work your way around all of them sharing the husky love.

Now you are ready to take your position on the sled. Decide who is going to drive first, and you will swap halfway around. Listen to the huskies bark in excitement as they eagerly await their most favourite activity of all time! As soon as the sled ahead of you whooshes off, you take your foot off of the break and zoom along the fresh snow. Enjoy the stunning scenery and mesmerising soft glow that the Arctic twilight brings to the landscape. Use your weight to keep your sled upright as you fly along the dips and bends of the course!

After your cuddle time comes to an end, return your overalls, boots and gloves and join your group in the central main yurt, to enjoy an open-fire-warming reindeer stew. Tea and coffee are served in traditional... mugs and you are offered first and seconds of this hearty Nordic staple! After you have warmed your cockles, you can enjoy some traditional chocolate cake before heading to the gift shop to grab some souvenirs of your special Nordic husky experience.