• Union Glacier Camp

About Union Glacier Camp, Antarctica

About Union Glacier Camp, Antarctica

Become one of few people to have lived on the white continent with a stay at Union Glacier Camp, the only temporary facility of its kind in Antarctica. This is a full-service camp located off the beaten track in the Heritage Range, below the spectacular Ellsworth Mountains. Accessible only by air, this camp provides a unique experience afforded to few.

Union Glacier Camp operates during the Antarctic summer (November through January) and can accommodate up to 70 guests. The accommodation in the camp is basic, but the experience is as real as it will get! The double-walled dual Clam tents are designed to combat the sometimes harsh conditions of Antarctica and provides a comfortable home away from home. The warm and cosy dining tent serves as a gathering place for all the guests, and you will have plenty of opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers over a hot drink of tea or coffee. 

Union Glacier Camp Details


A campsite on the ice.


In the depths of the white continent, near Union Glacier and the Ellsworth Mountains.

Accommodation & Facilities

Union Glacier Camp has facilities to accommodate 70 guests at once. The double-walled tents featuring high-tech nylon covers and wooden floors are designed to withstand the Antarctic conditions and will be naturally heated by the 24-hour sunlight. The sun usually brings the temperature in the tent up to 60°-70°F (15°-21°C). The tall interiors (16ft x 8ft or 5m x 2.4m) allow guests to move around the tent with ease. Each guest is provided with a cot, mattress, linens, pillow, towels and wash basin.

Communal shower and toilet facilities are available at the camp. The environmental impact is of great importance at the camp and guests are encouraged to reduce the use of water by limiting showers to every 2-3 day. Disinfectant hand gel is provided at the camp and it may be a good idea to bring Wet wipes to use between showers. In line with regulations set by IAATO - International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators all waste, including human waste, has to be removed from Antarctica.

Limited charging facilities are available at the camp. These are located in the dining tent. The outlets available are: USB and 120V A/C (North American Type A or B plugs). 


All meals are served at set times in the heart of the camp - the dining tent. Prepared by talented chefs, you will be amazed at the variety of food you will get in this remote camp. Expect freshly cooked, hearty food served buffet style. Hot beverages, soft drinks, juices, water and limited quantities of Chilean beer and wine are served during meal times (alcohol is only served during dinner). In between meals, self-serve snacks and beverages are available for you to enjoy. Due to the remote location and limited medical care the camp is unable to cater for severe food allergies. Most other dietary requests can be catered for if information is provided at the time of booking. The Union Glacier Camp is not only used as accommodation by travellers such as yourself but is also used as a logistics hub supporting private expeditions and research projects in the area. The person next to you at dinner could be on a private expedition skiing to the South Pole... 


Union Glacier Camp is perfect for both the active and the relaxed traveller - it is up to you if you want to explore or if you just want to chill in the camp and take in the beautiful scenery around you. Try cross-country skiing, go for a walk or try out the fat tire bikes on the groomed loop. There is a polar library on site with books, movies and games. Antarctic lectures and films are put on as evening entertainment. Quiet hours at the camp are 10pm to 7am. There is no mobile coverage in Antarctica but a satellite telephone cards are available for purchase. 

Child Policy

This camp is not suitable for children. 

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