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Information on how to prepare and what to expect when camping in Antarctica.


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Ice camping in Antarctica is an unforgettable experience, but not one for the faint-hearted! On our Ultimate Antarctica Photography Safari, you will have the option of sleeping under the stars on the Antarctic peninsula itself, providing unique opportunities for photographing the unspoilt icy wilderness of the 7th continent. We have answered some of our most frequently asked questions about camping in Antarctica, to help you find out what you can expect and how you can prepare.


Faq Listing

  • How does it work?

    Everyone wanting to participate in camping will attend a mandatory briefing, where you’ll learn more about the equipment, the location and how it all works! Plans can change based on the location we select, so it’s important to know how the night will go in advance. You are welcome to attend the briefing and still opt out of the camping, we understand it’s not for everyone! Our experienced expedition team will select a camping site that is snow covered and isolated from any breeding wildlife, and they will be with you on shore all night to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

    After dinner on board, you will transfer by Zodiac to the camping site. Picture it… you are lying in your sleeping bag listening to glaciers cracking, water lapping against icebergs and perhaps the sounds of whales splashing in the bay! This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and one that very few people ever experience. You can take this opportunity to set up long exposure shots, time lapses, and capture the changing light as the sun casts pinks and purples across the skies. After your night ashore, it’s back to the ship at around 6am so that you can enjoy a hot shower and a delicious breakfast.

  • Who can participate?

    Anyone is able to participate in camping, there is no extra charge and no need to pre book. You’ll need an adventurous spirit, and you’ll need to be ok with ‘roughing it’ for the night!
  • What is provided?

    We provide all of the camping gear required for your night ashore. Although we do not expect night-time temperatures to drop below -2 or -3° Celsius, sleeping bags are rated to -15° degrees C. For the true experience of sleeping out under the midnight sun, we use a Gore-tex 'bivvy bag'. Warmer than a tent and much easier to set up, the bivvy bag provides an insulated outer shell and doesn’t block out the incredible scenery all around you. Our high tech sleeping pads are more than a simple foam mat as they have a high insulating value, comfort and warmth. We even have a small 'outhouse' tent, with port-a-loo – affectionately knows as the ‘loo-with-a-view’!
  • What do I need to bring?

    You should prepare and dress for your night ashore as if it was any other off ship excursion – that means warm layers! You should also bring a dry pair of socks and a set of dry thermal underwear for sleeping. A good beanie/tuque or warm hat really helps you to feel warm and cozy through the night. NO food or beverages other than your water bottle will be allowed ashore. It may be worth investing in a few hand warmers (the kind you would use on a skiing trip) – these are similar in process to ice packs and are cracked to activate. Once activated, they get nice and warm and will keep your sleeping bag nice and toasty through the night. Bring your camera too!


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