Akademik Ioffe

About the Akademik Ioffe

Built in 1989 the Akademik Ioffe is sister ship to the Akademik Sergey Vavilov, built originally for scientific research, now taking travellers to the far polar regions on the expedition of a lifetime. Safe and ice-strengthened, the Akademik Ioffe offers the highest standards of comfort and personalised service, as well as adventurous activities and a focus on well being. She is stabilised via internal stabilisers and a built in ballast trimming system, reducing the motion of the ship, especially on the Drake Passage, and is quiet to reduce disturbance to anyone catching up on sleep.

This modern ship has beautiful spaces throughout for the comfort of its guests, as well as sumptuous meals prepared by a talented and creative culinary team. 

Enjoy activities on the ship after a day out exploring the icy wilderness of the polar regions via skiff, on foot or even by kayak or show-shoe.

Akademik Ioffe details


A modern and comfortable ship with fantastic shared spaces and great facilities onboard. The ship is 117 metres in length and 18.2 metres wide, with a max speed of 14.5 knots.


Antarctic departures start and end in Ushuaia, exploring the furthest and most remote regions of this untouched wilderness.

Accommodation & Facilities

There are 4 room cabin styles, triple, twin (semi-private), twin (private) and superior. These each have ample space, with room to store your belongings, as well as very comfortable bedding. There are also two suites, the Shackleton and the One Ocean, both of which have a separate lounge area, large windows that open, private bathroom facilities with a bath and a shower, fully stocked bar and more.

In the main areas there is a bar with 180 degree views, a lounge, dining room, gift shop, fitness room, wellness centre, infirmary, library, presentation room and mud room. There is also a sauna with a hot water spa and a polar plunge pool. You can head to the top deck there you will have 360 degree views of our breathtaking surroundings, head to the multimedia room to edit images or even visit the bridge.

The bridge is open to guests nearly 24 hours per day and a helmsman can always be found here. Meet the ship's master or watch the incredible sights and wildlife. An expedition guide can usually be found here, binoculars in-hand on the lookout for animals. Most shared areas on the ship have live feeds to the bridge so you don’t miss a thing.


The dining room is where your meals will be served each day and is big enough to fit all the ships passengers at one time. The room is nicely furnished and comfortable, with an additional small bar and lounge at the end. The culinary team prepare substantial meals for you here, including buffet breakfasts, a buffet or plated lunch, and plated dinners. During meal times the view from the bridge is streamed in the dining room. Cuisine is sumptuous and served up by talented and creative chefs.


During the day you will head out on zodiacs and by foot to explore the land. You will look for whales and penguins as well as other endearing wildlife, as well as beautiful ice formations. Activities include sea kayaking, snow-shoeing, hiking and walking, as well as, of course, photography.

Onboard after a hard day out on the ice, relax in the sauna or in the plunge pool. On special request the pool can be filled with the water from the ocean for those brave people who crave a dip. There is also a fitness centre and massage, as well as the cosy bar and lounge, or the observatory and bridge.

Child Policy

Travellers under the age of 18 would not usually be allowed on the expeditions, however exceptions can sometimes be made when travelling with a legal guardian. 

Health & Safety

During your time on the Ioffe, your safety is our priority. The Russian-flagged ship carries all current required safety and well-being certification, and you will be accompanied by an extremely experienced captain. The ship is stabilised and manoeuvrable, as well as having a built-in propulsion back up.  

On-board there is all the required safety equipment, including two fully-enclosed lifeboats and four life rafts, which are tested and inspected regularly. On your first day you will have a safety briefing and drill we be conducted to ensure all passengers understand the emergency procedures.

The infirmary is located on Deck 5 and has a large quantity of medical supplies, catering to basic medical needs. On board there will be an English speaking emergency physician. If you need a consultation you will be invoiced for the items supplied afterwards. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is essential that you bring enough supplies of any necessary medication with you.

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