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October weather & where to go

October weather & where to go

We generally say that wildlife sightings in the Pantanal and the amazon are best between June and October, so October is a great month to travel if you are looking for amazing wildlife encounters. With spring in Rio too, this is a fabulous time to combine wildlife, culture and beach to create the ultimate Brazil safari.


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So, this is one of the best months for travel to Brazil if you want a wildlife holiday. Wildlife often gathers on the banks of the river to drink, including capybara, and maybe even the amazing giant anteater. If jaguars are your main goal, then October can be a wonderful time. They too can be seen resting, drinking and playing on the river banks, so a boat safari is a wonderful option at this time. The weather is warming up at this time and temperatures in the Pantanal Wetlands often hover at around 35 degrees Celsius during the day.

The Amazon is also warm in October, with temperatures of about 32 degrees Celsius throughout the day. October is still part of the dry season in the Amazon, so again wildlife sightings can be excellent, but treks can be hard in the dense jungle. For an on-the-move luxury Amazon adventure we suggest the beautiful Premium Clipper This cruise vessel explores the Amazon River in style, with with exceptional comfort on board and unrivalled wildlife experiences. Activities include piranha fishing, kayaking, night walks, hiking, and much more.

Spring in Rio de Janeiro means this is a lovely fresh time to go, with relatively clear skies, perfect for seeing the city sights, or relaxing on the beach. You can even explore the Green Coast; home to colonial towns, beautiful sandy beaches, and some wild jungle too.


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