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Icons of Brazil Safari

From the beaches of Rio and the statue of Christ the Redeemer, to tracking the majestic jaguar through the wilds of the Pantanal Wetlands, and finally witnessing the awe-inspiring sight of the world’s largest waterfall system, this safari allows you to experience three of the most enduring symbols of Brazil.

What to expect

Cristalino Reserve

Arriving into Sao Paolo airport, you will connect with an onward flight to Cuiaba, and then to Alta Floresta, the small and dusty gateway to the Southern Amazon. Here you will be met and start your journey into the jungle, make sure your camera is ready as your safari starts now and on the way to the lodge you can expect to see giant river otters, tapir, caiman, capybara and many birds. Spend your days experiencing the sights and the sounds of jungle. You might want to visit the 50-metre canopy tower, which gives you a bird’s eye view of this mighty rainforest. It is common to spot, monkeys, macaws and several species of birds. There are many trails that snake through various forests and habitats and over 500 species of birds and over 1800 different types of butterfly.

Cuiaba Jaguar Viewing

Travel along the Transpantaneira Highway, a 145 kilometre long dirt road that leads south through the heart of the Pantanal ending at the Cuiaba River in Porto Jofre. Spend your days exploring and searching for jaguars and giant otters on Three Brothers, Cuiaba and Piquiri Rivers. This is the best place in the world to see these elusive cats in the wild and we are proud to report an average of 2 sightings per day on these waters. Other possible sightings include tapir, giant river otters, caiman, ocelot and even giant anteaters who may come to the banks to drink.


The Gruta do Lago Azul trail will start with a 40 minutes walk to the cave, then, after descending 100 meters, you will see the lake and its' crystal-clear water. The depth is 72 meters and when the light hits, the water will have an intense blue color. After, visit the Rio da Prata and enjoy some snorkelling before your dive begins at the East of Olho Dágua River. On this course you will find the rich flora and if you are a little bit lucky maybe you can see others wild animals such as the peccary and curassow. Arrive to the most transparent waters you've ever seen and the chance to see some stunning marine wildlife. Once you're out of the water, you will head to the Hole of Macaws for a chance to spot this stunning birds as they feed on salt and minerals, with a stunning natural backdrop.

South Pantanal

Wild and remote, the vast landlocked wetlands of the Pantanal are a lattice of waterways that swell and recede with the seasons. Covering 230,000 square kilometres, this is the largest of the world’s greatest wetlands and is in many respects a last frontier of nature. These unique low-lying habitats are home to jaguars, giant anteaters, capybara, giant river otters, howler and capuchin monkeys, and green anacondas.

Caiman Ecological Refuge

Over the next 3 days you will explore the Caiman Ecological Refuge, one of the best wildlife viewing locations in the South Pantanal. The area is home to hundreds of species of mammals, birds and reptiles and offers you the best chance of seeing jaguars in the wild. A well-respected jaguar conservation project is also based here and you will get the chance to see their work from up-close (possibility to spend a full day with the biologists, please inquire for further information). Activities include photographic safaris in specially adapted vehicles, guided walks, canoeing and night safaris.

Iguassu Falls

This morning you will be transferred overland back to Campo Grande airport, in time for your included flight to Iguassu Falls. You are taken on a guided tour of the Brazilian side, estimated to be 275 different waterfalls dotted around the tropical forests. The Brazilian side of the falls offers a more panoramic view putting into perspective their sheer size and scale. The Argentinian side of the falls is very extensive compared to Brazil, with many paths taking you to within touching distance of the falls. You will also travel to the furthest point and the largest and most spectacular of all of the cascades - The Devil`s Throat.

Rio de Janeiro

Begin the day with a visit to the historical old centre of Rio, and then onwards to the Praia Vermelha - the landing station for the cable cars to Sugar Loaf Mountain. Get some stunning birds-eye views of various parts of the city and when you are at the summit, take in some stunning views across the bay of Rio de Janeiro. End your day with a caipirinha watching the sunset over Copacabana.

Why book this trip?

Jaguar viewing excursions amidst the world’s most dense jaguar population.

Follow expert guides with a chance to see tapir, caiman, capybara, giant river otters, macaws, and primates.

Immerse yourself in the mighty Amazon rainforest, with the assistance of expert naturalist guides.

Witness the thundering Iguassu Falls, one of South America’s most iconic landmarks.

Visit both the north and south Pantanal, South America’s true wildlife haven

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Accommodation Highlights

Porto Bay Rio Internacional

A fantastic mid-range hotel with excellent amenities and friendly staff, all complimented by breathtaking views (especially from the rooftop pool!). Right on iconic Copacabana Beach, it offers a superb location with panoramic views of its golden sands and bright blue ocean, in Rio de Janeiro. There are 117 modern, comfortable rooms with many amenities, a bar, sauna, and a fitness centre.

Hotel das Cataratas

A luxurious hotel located within the Iguassu National Park. As it is the only hotel within the park, guests at Hotel das Cataratas have exclusive access to the park in the evening and at dawn. There is a swimming pool, children's pool and tennis courts. The Belmond-owned hotel features 193 luxury rooms and suites, and is just a stone's throw away from the falls.