Brazil in November

November is a shoulder month, so the weather and wildlife can be unpredictable. But it can be an excellent time to travel, especially for good rates.

November weather & where to go

November can be a transitional month in some parts of Brazil as the summer draws in bringing heats, and in some parts, rain. At this time, you can expect high temperatures throughout the country, and an increased rainfall. In Rio de Janeiro, daytime temperatures are usually around 28 degrees Celsius, with rain fall at 113mm average for the month. Towards the Pantanal, temperatures are around 33 degrees Celsius, with rainfall of about 147mm for the month, about 60mm additional to October.

November is a shoulder month, so wildlife and weather can be unpredictable, but often still great.


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Rainfall in the Amazon increases in November to about 166mm average for the month, adding about 40mm to the rainfall in October. So the dense Amazonian jungle is getting wetter as the summer draws in, but you can still embark on the same activities as in October, as the water levels won’t have risen. This means you can try piranha fishing, swim near pink river dolphins, enjoy night time walks in the jungle and much more. Wildlife sightings in the Amazon can be good, but the jungle is very dense, making most mammal species hard to find. Watch out for lots of colourful birds.

Summer is drawing in on the Pantanal Wetlands too, with an increased rainfall and quite warm temperatures. Wildlife can still be seen on the river banks at this time, but with the additional water around, sightings can be a little rarer than say June to October. The first two weeks can of November are still pretty good for jaguar spotting if that is the focus of your trip and horse-riding through the Pantanal can be stunning in November.

Rio is seeing heightened temperatures and rainfall too, making it more humid. If you don’t mind the humidity, you can still explore all of Rio’s cultural and city sights, as well as the beaches.


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