Brazil in May

A shoulder month between the wet and dry season. Can be a great time to take advantage of good rates, and canoeing is good in the Amazon.

May weather & where to go

May weather & where to go

Although still considered a shoulder month, May can be an excellent time to travel, and is the start of the ‘dry’ season in the Pantanal Wetlands, meaning the wildlife is starting to come out into the open more. Temperatures in Rio de Janeiro hover around 25 degrees Celsius, similar to Iguassu Falls which is usually around 24 degrees Celsius in the day. Manaus, the gateway to the Amazon is about 31 degrees Celsius at this time of year, in fact it is rarely below 31 at any time of year there.


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Wildlife is slightly easier to spot at this time, although if you can wait and travel between June and October, this is our preferred time for wildlife safaris in the Pantanal. Saying this, the birdlife is still excellent due to abundant fish, water and insects, and sighting of animals such as caiman and capybara can be common, you may be lucky and spot a jaguar too.

The Amazon jungle is still in its wetter season, which runs from December to May, although you can still travel to the Amazon at this time and explore the newly formed waterways that the floods have bought on, by both boat and kayak. You can see the pink river dolphins too.

If you are planning on heading to the magnificent Iguassu Falls, don’t expect the high volume of water you would get in say February, but you may get some stunning photos under clear blue skies, which often result in beautiful rainbows within the falls. The trails around the falls should be open, and no activities are likely to be off limits at this time. Note that most of the trails around the falls are on the Argentinean side and we suggest visiting both sides on your safari.


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