Brazil in March

A great time to mix up culture and beach. Heavy rains can make wildlife spotting tougher, but tree-climbing jaguars can sometimes be seen.

March weather & where to go

March weather & where to go

Carnival celebrations sometimes fall in the month of March, depending on the beginning of lent. This is considered to be the largest carnival in the world, and it celebrated throughout the country, as well as other Catholic countries in Latin America. Aside from this, the weather in March is usually sunny as we are still in the summer months, however we are in the midst of a rainy season throughout the Pantanal and the Amazon.


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March is a summer month, so you can expect temperatures around 29 degrees Celsius through Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, with slightly cooler temperatures in Brasilia, and slightly warmer ones in Manaus. Manaus is the capital city of the state of Amazonas in the Northern Region of Brazil, where it is actually still in the midst of a rainy season.

Rainy season in the Amazon does make it harder to spot animals, and some excursions will no longer be available. However you can often navigate the small ‘varzeas’ that occur due to flooding. Varzeas are where floodplains become small river systems that twist and turn through the trees. They can be travelled by kayak, giving a whole, new perspective on the Amazon ecosystem. You can see the pink river dolphins year round, and see some stunningly colourful birds too. Similar to January and February, with the floor of the amazon flooded, you may be in with a chance of spotting the tree climbing jaguars as they attempt to avoid the water below.

In the Pantanal Wetlands, it is also rainy season. If you are after jaguar spotting, then this is not the best time for you. We recommend this, at its best, between June and October, the dry season. However it can be a good time for aquatic animals, such as caiman and piranha.

Beaches are lovely in March, sunny and with mainly clear skies. They can be crowded, especially beaches such as Copacabana, however we can always find you somewhere more remote and secluded if you so wish.

For culture, March is great and you can explore any of the cultural sites, if you don’t mind it being a bit busy. This is probably one of the best times to visit Iguassu Falls as the weather is starting to improve, so most trails will be open and activities available, however the falls are still super powerful from the high rains of January and March. Same with April.


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