Brazil in June

The start of the dry season, and kicking of the best time for wildlife spotting in the amazon and the Pantanal. Great time to track jaguars.

June weather & where to go

June weather & where to go

June kicks of a drier season in the Pantanal Wetlands, which in turn leads to an excellent time to track wildlife. In general, temperatures throughout Brazil can vary; Rio de Janeiro is usually around 25 degrees Celsius so still nice and warm. Manaus is still hot at about 31 degrees Celsius, with Iguassu Falls now at around 22 degrees Celsius in the day.

In regards to wildlife, June is the start of an excellent time to visit the Pantanal Wetlands The heavier rains and flooding has now passed, bringing with it drier weather and wildlife that needs to congregate a little more around the riverbanks. You can explore the rivers and the land with your expert guides, looking for everything from jaguars and capybaras, to caiman and river otters. As throughout the rest of the year, birding is great and it is possible to see hyacinth macaws, as well as toucans, roseate spoonbills and the magnificent jabiru stork. A wonderful activity in the Pantanal is horse-riding.

Similar to the Pantanal, the Amazon is heading into a drier season, making wildlife spotting easier. In the Amazon, some activities are available only in the wet season, such as exploring the ’varzeas’ that appear from flooding, and wind between the trees. However, you can embark on hikes and horse-riding, as well as 4x4 safaris.

This is a great time to combine exploring Rio de Janeiro if you don’t like too much heat, as the temperature can be a lot more manageable at this time of year, and the air a little more ‘fresh’ than the summer months. The coast between Rio and Ilha Grande is called the Costa Verde (Green Coast), and this is a great time to explore this beautiful area, with warm seas and fresh air. The cooler temperatures give you a chance to explore Sugar Loaf Mountain, the statue of Christ the Redeemer and tranquil botanical gardens in Rio; the charming cobbled streets of Paraty, once a key part of Brazil’s gold rush; and go snorkelling or just relax on the glorious beaches of Ilha Grande. At Ilha Grande, no motor vehicles are allowed, and the beaches are divine, you can even trek to the Atlantic rainforest on the islands interior, or embark on a boat trip to one of the “most beautiful  and unspoiled beaches in Brazil” (according to Conde Nast), Lopes Mendes beach. You can get some rains at this time, but it is easy enough to plan around them.

Iguassu Falls is not in Peak season at this time, so the water may not be as impressive as other times of the year when rainfall is heavier. You can, however, explore the numerous trails (mainly on the Argentinean side), which play home to some incredible wildlife.


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