Brazil in July

One of our favorite months to travel, especially on wildlife safaris. Jaguars, caiman, capybara, monkeys, birds and more can all be tracked.

July weather & where to go

July weather & where to go

July is one of our favourite months to travel to Brazil for wildlife encounters, and it can be combined with numerous other activities and experiences throughout the rest of Brazil; from the cobbled streets of colonial towns, to playgrounds for the rich and famous, and some sublime beaches.

This is a relatively dry month in the Pantanal Wetlands, which means the animals often come down to the riverbanks to drink. Jaguars can sometimes be seen playing and fighting on the banks when you float down the river, you can occasionally see them swimming too. Of course, this is not guaranteed, but you are travelling at one of the best times. Other animals to look out for in July include capybara, hyacinth macaws, toucans, anteaters, giant river otters and caiman. It may also be possible to try your hand at piranha fishing. With the drier weather, a huge range of activities are available; horse ride through the wetlands, explore on foot, or by a more traditional 4x4 safari.

The Amazon is also in a drier season, although the temperature will still be quite hot. Wildlife found here can include capybara, anacondas, sloths, giant river otters, golden lion tamarin, pink dolphins and much more, in fact there are over 1,500 bird species. There is a lot to explore here, and many ways of doing it; head to the Rio Negro and have a go at piranha fishing under the hungry eyes of lots of caiman, enjoy a spectacular Amazon cruise, where activity highlights include paddle boarding, kayaking, trail walks, swimming near pink river dolphins, and even some exciting night expeditions. Our favourite ship to do this is the Premium Clipper; cruising the Amazon in such luxury really is a treat afforded to few, especially relaxing phenomenal 360 degree sun deck, watching the Amazon come to life at dusk.

Similar to June, this can be a great time to combine your wildlife journey with some culture and beaches, especially on the Green Coast where you can explore colonial towns, relax and snorkel on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and even venture into jungles.


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