Brazil in January

This can be a great time to travel to Brazil for wildlife, however it is the start of the rainy season. Good for Iguassu Falls!

January weather & where to go

January weather & where to go

The ‘high’ season in Brazil is considered to be from December to March, coinciding with the winter in the northern hemisphere. So January is mid-summer, and you can expect warm temperatures throughout the country. With festival season fast approaching in February, January can be quite busy in the cities, such as Rio de Janeiro.

Although we generally say most wildlife in the Pantanal and Amazon is best between July and October, the dry season, you can see wildlife year round. The birding is excellent year round, with everything from toucans and hyacinth macaws, to jabiru storks. With lots of water sources around, there is plenty for the animals to drink, meaning they don’t necessarily have to congregate around the rivers, hence they can be harder to find. But jaguar mating season is year round, so sightings are possible.


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You can expect downpours of rain year round, but this is the rainy season, in the Amazon and the Pantanal, so some activities may be out of bounds, or just not available due to the weather. Saying that, increased rainfall in the Amazon raises the water levels creating ‘varzeas’, which allow navigation in canoes between the trunks of trees. A really unique and wild experience, not available from April to October. It is also possible to experience a unique phenomenon of tree climbing jaguars where these incredible creatures stick to the treetops due to the flooding of the forest floor. A great place to do this is at Uakari Floating Lodge (please edit as you like).

If you are looking to see jaguars on land and in their natural environment, then we suggest travel from June to October.

If you are planning on more city exploration, then January can be a good time to go. Cities are bustling year round, but they can be especially busy during the December to March period, when the weather is sunny and the build up to festival at hand.

For Iguassu Falls, January can be an excellent time if you want to see the falls with a huge volume of high powered water. At this time they can be magnificent, however it does sometimes mean that trails are closed due to the weather, and photos can be a bit cloudy. On the other hand, this is the best time to really experience the raw power of the falls from a boat and get really wet.

No matter what time of year you want to travel, combining beach into your itinerary is always possible if you have the time. Throughout Brazil, at any time of year there is always the perfect, sunny beach, it’s just knowing where to go. In January, you can go to pretty much any beach and find sun; from Copacabana to the virgin sands of Jericoacoara.


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