Brazil in December

Christmas in Brazil? What could be better? This is an excellent time for beaches and city exploration. The Amazon can be great too.

December weather & where to go

December weather & where to go

By December, we are into Brazil’s summer, and rainfall is increasing across most of the country, and temperatures on the rise too. However, we are not yet in the full swing of the rainy season, and the country can still feel quite dry. Christmas in Brazil is a popular choice, so can be busy throughout the month. December is not a prime wildlife viewing month, but exploring the Amazon and Pantanal is still possible.

In the Amazon, the water levels are still low, so you can embark on the same activities as the rest of the dry season, including kayaking on the river, hiking, piranha fishing, and wildlife tracking. In Manaus, the average daytime temperature is 32 degrees Celsius in December, with an average monthly rainfall of 224mm. Rainfall is higher than in November, but significantly lower than January to April, when the water levels will be high.

The Pantanal is also seeing an increased rainfall, with about 287mm landing on average throughout the month. The temperature sits at about 33 degrees Celsius during the day, so it is quite hot. This is not what we consider the best month for exploring the Pantanal, as the dry(er) season has ended, and the wildlife can be more scattered and difficult to spot.

Rio de Janeiro is up at about 28 degrees Celsius in December, with an average rainfall of about 144mm. Christmas and New Year in Brazil really are a sight to behold, with busy streets and a lot of excitement. On New Year’s Eve, lots of the local people dress in white and gather on Copacabana beach to watch a spectacular fireworks show over the beach. An amazing sight, but something you’ll need to book far in advance for. Hotels often have minimum stays of 5-7 days during this period.

December can bring some excellent beach weather, so you could spend Christmas day lounging on the white sands!


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