Brazil in August

One of the best months for tracking wildlife in the Amazon and the Pantanal, from jaguars and giant river otters, to monkeys and caiman!

August weather & where to go

August weather & where to go

August is one of, if not, the best month for visiting the Pantanal where giant water lilies gently ripple on the surface of the wetlands, as anacondas slither beneath, jaguars drink from the river banks, as and lazy caiman and capybara sun themselves under flocks of passing storks.

It is possible to explore the Pantanal year round, however for the very best possibility of wildlife sightings, we suggest travel between July and October. The Pantanal Wetlands has similar wildlife to that of the Amazon Jungle, but as the jungle is not as dense, it is easier to spot. In the driest months of July to October, wildlife spotting is at its easiest as animals congregate along the river banks to drink. You can still see the aquatic animals as well, including caiman, giant river otters, and anacondas.

In the Amazon, it can be quite hot at this time, as usual, sitting at around 33 degrees Celsius in the day, but there is only an average of about 57mm of rain. So the Amazon is still in a dry period too, meaning it is a good time for wildlife spotting here. The jungle is denser than in the Pantanal Wetlands, so seeing the animals can be harder here no matter what time you travel. A luxurious amazon cruise on the Premium Clipper is definitely advised so you can embark on some wonderful activities on the Amazon River, from kayaking and paddle boarding, to night jungle exploration and piranha fishing!

This is an excellent time to combine wildlife, beach and city exploration. Brazil is renowned for having some excellent beaches, and resting on the white sands or delving under the surface for some amazing snorkelling can be a wonderful end to your safari. A trip to Brazil probably won’t feel complete until you’ve seen Sugar Loaf Mountain and clambered up to the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro Location is on your side with this one as Rio is right on the coast and can easily be combined with beach time.


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