Brazil in April

Not the best time for wildlife, but sightings are starting to improve. A great time for culture, city exploration, and beach relaxation.

April weather & where to go

April weather & where to go

April is more of a ‘shoulder’ month, along with May. The high temperatures from the summer months start to lower, making travel quite pleasant for those who don’t enjoy the heat too much. In the depths of the Amazon jungle and the Pantanal, we are still in a rainy season, meaning this is not the best time for wildlife spotting.


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In the Amazon, the rainy season is from December to May, so is still in full swing. You can still explore, and venturing through the ‘varzeas’ that appear due to the flooding is one of our favourite ways to explore this wild jungle. Don’t expect amazing wildlife sightings at this time though, with ample water supplies, wildlife has no need to congregate around water sources, making it tough to find. There are still lots of bright and colourful birds around, and you can see the Amazon pink river dolphins at any time of year. This can also be a good time to see the phenomena of the amazing tree-climbing jaguars! As the floor of the Amazon remains flooded, they try to stick to the tree tops. A rare, and wonderful sight in the Amazon. 

In the Pantanal Wetlands, the rainy season lasts from December to March, then the dry season is from May to October. This makes April a shoulder month between the seasons, which can mean the weather and wildlife is a bit more unpredictable than the previous wet season. The ground will be drying out, meaning weather can be a bit humid, but wildlife sightings are starting to improve, although we would suggest waiting until May onwards if wildlife is your main reason for travel. This can still be a great time to see more aquatic animals, such as anacondas and caiman.

Iguassu Falls can be slightly less impressive if the water levels have dropped off too much, as there is less water than in January and February. But the trails will likely all be open, so you can do more exploring of the surrounding areas. This can be one of the best times to visit them as your options are open when it comes to exploring, you can get some excellent photos, and usually, the falls are still pretty powerful from the rains of the earlier months in the year. The nature and wildlife around the falls is spectacular, and you should be able to see lots of coatis too! Note that most of the trails are on the Argentinean side of the falls.

Brazil is huge, and can be explored at any time of year if you are looking for beaches and cities. With the weather being slightly cooler, and the carnival season over, the main cities and beaches can be a bit quieter this time of year.


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