Zambia Honeymoon Safaris

Why visit Zambia on your honeymoon safari

Zambia is the perfect honeymoon safari destination as it offers some fantastic luxury and exclusive lodges and camps. Most camps and lodges have honeymoon accommodation options which offer a little more privacy and often a fantastic view right from your room. Another benefit of choosing Zambia as a honeymoon destination is the opportunity to add the beautiful beach on Lake Malawi. Here you can relax in complete peace surrounded by stunning countryside and the crystal clear waters of the lake. 

The perfect honeymoon spot on the beach here would have to be Kaya Mawa.

Spend your honeymoon in the South Luangwa Valley National Park, a beautiful park covered with riverine and mopane woodland, meadows and the meandering Luangwa River. The diverse habitat means wildlife thrives here and it is one of the greatest places to see leopards in the wild. The rivers are teaming with huge crocodiles and numerous pods of hippo. The elephant population here is incredible with roughly 35,000 living in the Valley itself. There’s countless impala and zebra as well as puku, eland, waterbuck, bushbuck and kudu. 

The lion prides are doing very well and you do have a high chance of spotting one of the many young prides.

Combine Zambia with Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is a beautiful place. The huge lake has clear blue water, teaming with fish. There is plenty to do in and around Likoma Island. As well as the obvious beach relaxation, there are a number of places to explore nearby. There is a small forest reserve to the north which is well worth a visit as the beaches here are beautiful! There is an unbelievable cathedral in a town nearby which is also well worth seeing. If you want to just walk and explore then you can do. This is a very friendly little island and if you fancy wondering around a town, head to Mamba. There is a local market here which is well worth seeing, just to experience an African town market! If lazing on the beach is your ideal then you can do so right at the lodge. 

There are also a number of activities available from the lodge including snorkelling, mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and guided walks.


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