• Red ruffed lemur in Madagascar, November

Madagascar Weather in November

The weather in November sees further increases in temperature, with many of Madagascar’s top spots still being excellent to visit. Wildlife is active with no species hibernating, so you can see lots of lemurs, chameleons, frogs and geckos. Birds are still in breeding season too, so lots of animals to see.

The flora is still bright and vibrant making it an excellent backdrop for photos or even wonderful subject matter for photos in its own right, with many endemic plant species.

Make sure you head to Andasibe National Park where on an early morning walk you will be blessed with the haunting calls of the indri. These are the largest of the lemurs, and well known for their morning calls to their mates. It is also a good park to see lots of endemic flora.


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Chameleon, Madagascar November

Anjajavy is still being danced through by sifakas who have developed a unique way of crossing the ground, and in Isalo National Park there are lots more lemur species to be met on treks before you finish in the crystal clear natural pools for s dip. Masoala’s wild coast is just begging to be explored at this time, as well as Ranomafana where you will find lots of bog-eyed chameleons and other reptiles.

For beach time, most of the coast is experiencing sunshine, Tsarabanjina and Ifaty are excellent for those wanting to snorkel and see the marine life. There is lots of tropical fish and bright corals not far beneath the turquoise tinged surface.

All in all, November is a great time to travel, with lively wildlife across the country and wonderful sunshine throughout.

Panther chameleon by Shannon Wild


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