• Antananarivo, Madagascar

Madagascar in May; weather and where to go

May is a wonderful time to visit Madagascar as the high season for European travellers hasn’t begun yet (i.e. the summer holidays during July and August). This makes finding your perfect accommodation much easier in comparison to later in the season. We’re not quite in dry season yet, so there will still be the odd heavy downpour, but there is lots of sunshine too, and if you're visiting rainforests, well, you have to expect rain at any time anyway.

The landscape throughout this incredible country is fresh and vibrant during May because of all the rainfall occurring within the previous months; this encourages the spectacular array of flora and fauna to begin to flourish, becoming a stunning background for your photographs.


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Black and white ruffed lemur, Madagascar

Lemurs are no longer spending a majority of their time sheltering from the heavy rains, but are out in the open. Spotting many kinds of lemurs and reptiles becomes an effortless task as the Sifaka lemurs can be seen skipping across the sand, and indri stand out against the vibrant green leaves of the rainforests.

Although the wet season has officially ended there is still the possibility of considerable downpours so be prepared for these when travelling within May. We can’t predict the rain, but we can always be prepared, and a nice shower can lead to excellent photography, and add a real sense of adventure to your journey.

May is also an opportunity to enjoy Nosy Be’s Donia Festival, where they celebrate home-grown music and sport.


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