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Madagascar Weather in June

The weather in June in Madagascar improves as the average rainfall continues to decrease due to the air becoming cooler and fresher. There are still sporadic showers as we haven’t quite reached what is technically known as the ‘dry season’, but these are interspersed with bright sunshine. June is a popular month to visit Madagascar, but is not classed as peak season, so prices are still quite low and you can avoid any potential crowds.

The land continues to flourish after the wet season, and flora can be striking throughout the rainforests, each alive with striking colours and intriguing wildlife. The highlands are still cool and can be quite wet; however this is one of the best times to head to the southwest, which can get way too hot in the summer months. Isalo National Park, home to many beautiful and unique creatures, including lots of endearing lemurs, is sensational in June, with just the right temperature to be warm and comfortable on your journey. 


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Breaching humpback, Madagascar June

There is always a risk of showers within Madagascar and June is no exception. Be ready for rain and sunshine.

There are a number of spectacular events which occur within the month of June, including the harvesting of the rice crops on the highlands which can be quite spectacular to witness. June also sees the humpback whales starting to return to the coast of Ile Sainte Marie. They migrate here annually from the Antarctic, congregating in sheltered waters to calves and nurse their young in relative safety. Towards the end of June, you may even be able to see their wonderful courtship rituals, but we’d recommend July to September for whale watching safaris, as there will be more of a chance of spotting this gigantuous animals.

For beaches, June is good for Tsarabanjina with warm clear waters and diverse marine life easily seen.

Panther chameleon by Shannon Wild


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