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Madagascar Weather in January

January is the start of a very wet and hot period in Madagascar and the weather is pretty undesirable; rain can be as much as 340mm for the month, especially on the east coast which is generally wetter than the west or south.

Such rain can make the roads to national parks and accommodations impassable with roads that are usually dry and bumpy, turning into deep mud. In certain areas hotels and lodges will actually close, as will some local operators making travel very difficult.


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Satanic leaf-tailed gecko, Madagascar | © Shannon Wild

From south to north, the temperature ranges from about 33 to 27 degrees Celsius, cooling slightly the further north you go, with heavy rainfall spreading unevenly across the country. Rains are heavy and more prolific in the north, with the south remaining much drier in comparison. There is a risk of cyclones in January, a risk that reaches its peak in February, calming slightly in March.

We are usually all for travelling to a destination outside of the peak months to avoid crowds and take advantage of lower costs; however we do not recommend anyone travel to Madagascar in January. If you are looking to travel out of season and don’t mind a bit of rain, try heading to Madagascar in the shoulder seasons of December or April.

We do not recommend travel to Madagascar in January. For advice on alternatives, please contact us via the button below. 

Panther chameleon by Shannon Wild


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