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Madagascar Weather in December

December is the start of the wet season in Madagascar, and the weather is the hottest time of the year - with temperatures averaging at 28°C across the country. In the north and east, trees in the rainforests hang heavy under the deluge of rain from tropical storms, and swelter under 30°C heat. However further south and west the temperatures are cooler and drier, bringing the average temperature down to 25°C.

Travelling in rainy season does increase your chances of being caught in rainfall, and even cyclones, but it does not equal heavy rain all the time, everywhere. Travelling early in the month can be a good time to visit some of Madagascar’s beaches, and is especially good for those interested in wildlife such as chameleons, snakes and lizards as they are getting more active with the higher rainfall.

December is a shoulder month, making it a quieter time of year to travel. The further into the month you go, the more likely you are to have very heavy rain, so we recommend early travel at this time of year. 

December can still be a wonderful time to visit; with lively wildlife and warm beaches.

Gecko, Madagascar December

As always, the temperatures in the highlands are much cooler and bring the average temperature down, but December does warm them up. The capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, is located in the highlands and is where most international flights fly in to. It is a beautiful city to visit with breathtaking vistas and is worth spending time in.

December definitely has its perks, and it is well worth visiting Madagascar at this time. Although we’d advise you speak with our specialists to find out whether it is the right time for you, or look into alternative destinations if you are really concerned about the weather.

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