• Ringtail lemur, Madagascar

Madagascar Weather in August

August weather has a similar climate to July, cooler and crisper than Madagascar’s summer months. Well into the peak season now, our advice still stands on booking well in advance so you can get the safari you want, including perfect accommodation for you and reasonable flights. It’s a popular month with tourists, especially with Madagascar’s amazing family options and it being in the middle of the school summer holidays across Europe.

The cool air does mean some animals hibernate, mainly reptiles and small mammals; including chameleons, giant jumping rats, tenrecs and dwarf lemurs.


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Tsingy, Madagascar July and August

Ile Sainte Marie is in the middle of humpback whale watching season and witnessing them is highly likely during your stay. Princesse Bora Lodge offers you to join a research program to get even closer to the action. The whales migrated here end of June / beginning of July to calve and look after their young. It is safer here in the warm Malagasy waters than the cold Antarctic oceans, but they will head out again soon to those wider seas where they can find more food alongside their young who will, by then, be able to swim alongside them relatively well.

Nosy Be is wonderful at this time for snorkelling, especially the island of Tsarabanjina, or head to Isalo National Park where the weather makes trekking this arid land more comfortable. This is a great place for spotting the ringtail lemurs, and after a long trek you can sink into the Piscine Naturelles of the park.

The very end of August brings with it the beginning of the best time of year to see some of the 292 species of birds which reside in Madagascar, of which 103 are endemic. This is almost the highest ratio of endemics to total number of species anywhere in the world. Bird watching is at its peak in September.

Although August can be busy, it still should be considered for its mild temperatures and excellent wildlife opportunities. And we can find you the best places to stay, away from the crowds if you so wish.

Panther chameleon by Shannon Wild


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