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Madagascar Weather in April

The weather in April provides somewhat of a relief for Madagascar, after heavy rains and cyclones in January to March. Although there may still be heavy downpours, they are interspersed with bright sunshine, enticing out all sorts of wildlife from hiding. We consider this the start of the tourism season, as parks are open and ready for the first visitors of the year.

National Parks such as Andasibe are lush and green, and in Berenty, the green flora contrasts magnificently with the orange, dusty looking ground where you’ll often find ringtail lemurs. 



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Panther chameleon, Madagascar | © Shannon Wild

Technically the start of Madagascar’s winter, the weather is starting to cool off slightly, ranging from 32 degrees Celsius in Isalo (where it won’t have cooled off much at all) to an average of 25 degrees Celsius for the month up in Ranomafana National Park, and much further northeast, Masoala is around 26 degrees Celsius for April.

Being a shoulder season, April is relatively quiet in Madagascar, leaving the bright lush landscapes up to you to enjoy peacefully and affordably. If cost and crowds aren’t what you are bothered about, then the amazing wildlife at this time of year and unique landscapes, as well as the fact you could get  a few extra days away for Easter without taking the time off work, should be!

Madagascar is so huge and has massive variations in temperature and rainfall due to altitude and topography. April can be quite unpredictable, so you need to do your research before booking anything. Get in touch with us for information on where is best at this time of year.

Panther chameleon by Shannon Wild


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