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Discover the wonderful animals of Madagascar...

Discover the wonderful animals of Madagascar...

You'll find a variety of animals in Madagascar from funky chameleons to teddy bear like lemurs.

Separated from mainland Africa, Madagascar is an African Galapagos with small, bizarre species found nowhere else on the planet (over 90% of Malagasy fauna and flora is endemic).

Chameleons and Geckos

Probably not thought of as the most exciting wildlife attractions of the fourth largest island in the world, however these weird and wonderful invertebrates of the Madagascar rainforest are strangely enticing. The massive panther chameleons or brightly coloured leopard chameleons have the wow factor, however for sheer nature’s wonder you have to admire the ever elusive leaf tailed geckos, often not even visible to the naked eye from only a metre or so away.


The great thing is that nearly all of the animals of Madagascar can be viewed up close and personal. You have none of the big game of mainland Africa, so you can explore on foot at leisure making Madagascar the ideal destination for a family safari A highlight of any visit is without doubt your first encounter with the largest of all lemurs, the Indri. Experience their haunting calls as dawn arrives through the mist shrouded forests of Andasibe National Park and marvel as they approach like a treetop army through the bending branches of the forest. Alongside the Indris you can learn about the cyanide eating bamboo lemurs or the rare long fingered aye-aye, whatever your interest you won't leave disappointed.


Madagascar is not only home to some great land based wildlife, however the marine life should also not be missed. Between the months of July and September, set out with the whale research teams to explore the coastal waters as the resident humpbacks commence their annual migration southwards. During your visit stay at the luxurious Princesse Bora Lodge, ideal for honeymooners, families or just those looking for a bit of down time.

Greater bamboo lemur, Madagascar
Breaching humpback, Madagascar June


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