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Leopard & Tiger Wildlife Safari

Feel like Mowgli in ‘Jungle Book’, as you explore the meadows and forests of India’s national parks full of sloth bears, snakes, wolves, monkeys, & deer. Head out with the camp’s most experienced trackers and drivers to track the elusive Bengal tiger and Asian leopard, travelling in excellent, customized, shared 4x4 safari jeeps.

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Searching for the Asian Leopard in Jawai

Similarly to African leopards, Asian leopards have short legs and stocky bodies which gives them a low centre of gravity and allows them to slink through grasslands relatively unseen. Leopard tails are usually longer than half their body length offering a great sense of balance when climbing and eating in trees. Male Asiatic leopards are said to be approximately 30% larger than their female counterparts and live apart as solitary creatures.

While searching for leopards, you will see what is known in the India as “Gaudhuli” or the cow dust hour, named for the dust raised by cattle leaving or returning home at this hour. It is a magical time to be out in the countryside. Sunrise and sunset are considered auspicious times in India, and as you drive through the village you will see small rituals performed to welcome in the night and to ward off the dark spirits. This is a rare glimpse into life in rural India.

Shaaz Jung Leopard India

Where you'll be

Ranthambore National Park

After arriving in Delhi, you will be driven approximately 4-5 hours to Ranthambore National Park. The park derives its name from the fort of Ranthambore, which sits on a rocky outcrop in the forest. Nestling between the Aravali and Vindhya hills, Ranthambore remains one of Rajasthan's last sizeable stretches of verdant grassland and jungle. Explore the park whilst staying at the Sujan Sher Bagh Camp, one of the best places in India to find the majestic tigers. Naturally blending with their surroundings, these ‘tents’ provide wonderful accommodations to guests looking for a really authentic Indian jungle safari and ample opportunity to embark upon game drives.


Your 5 hour drive to the beautifully remote Jawai is through the small villages and up and down forested hills. Due to the unique flavour and customs of this land, Jawai provides an entirely different rural wildlife experience from other parts of Rajasthan. Spectacularly set in a dramatic wilderness, Sujan Jawai blends sophistication and ecology. This camp allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and gain insight into some of our exemplary conservation and community projects. There are plenty of wilderness drives that can be taken at Sujan Jawai, with a great attraction of leopards and birds, on customised jeeps. Take part in Rabari Walks with expert guides and trackers to explore the magnificent plants and landscapes, or take part in the Temple Trail.

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