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Siberian Tiger Camera Trap Safari with Alexander Batalov

Embark on a safari with a difference and venture deep into the remote Durminskoye Reserve in Russia’s Far East, home to the endangered Siberian tiger. Alongside conservationist Alexander Batalov, you’ll track the big cats and set camera traps on a unique adventure that truly puts you on the front line of wildlife conservation.

“After a couple of hours we enter the boundary of the forest for the first time. There is snow on the ground but it doesn’t look too deep. Some way into the drive, Alexander stops the vehicle just over a bridge. Tiger tracks are all around; these are very fresh, as in minutes old. We are allowed out of the jeep but told to be careful as the tiger is likely to be close. It is now pitch black but the excitement level goes up. Alexander is convinced these are the tracks of a female he knows and she is watching us close by. We will find out how close she was tomorrow…”

This was just one of the many thrilling moments that NWS client Amanda experienced during her time in Siberia in 2017. Now you too can set foot in the habitat of the world’s largest big cat, the Siberian tiger, contributing to the conservation of this endangered species as you do so. Our unique expedition will be led by conservationist and Siberian tiger expert Alexander Batalov, who has decades of experience working in the remote tracts of land in Russia’s Far East that the tigers call home. Setting and collecting camera traps is a vital method of monitoring the precious few Siberian tigers left in the wild, offering you a chance to participate in truly frontline conservation. And perhaps, if luck is with you, the palette of the Russian taiga – so often snow white and pine green – may be joined by a splash of orange…

What to expect

On arrival into Khabarovsk Airport you will be met by your local guide and driver, and transferred approximately 4 hours to Durminskoye Reserve and the base where you will spend the next six nights. Time permitting you may get your first opportunity to set out and explore the reserve this afternoon.

Five full days to explore the remote Durminskoye Reserve. Spending time in the habitat of the last remaining 400 Siberian tigers is an experience in itself. You are unlikely to see one of these endangered big cats in the flesh, however, your time here is in an effort to assist and monitor the region and help Alexander and his team with their conservation efforts. Each day you will set out to either set camera traps or collect ones that have previously been set. You will then be able to spend time looking through the traps to see what has been photographed – maybe sable, maybe wild boar, maybe a sleepy Asian bear, or maybe the elusive Siberian tiger!

Time permitting there may be one last chance to explore the reserve this morning before setting off back to Khabarovsk. Late this afternoon you arrive back into town and settle into the comfort of your hotel, reminiscing on the adventures of what is a truly unique, once in a lifetime experience.

Please note that checkout is in the morning. You depart on a short 30 minute drive to the airport in time for your onward international flight back home.

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Why book this trip


Assist Alexander and his team with monitoring Siberian tigers.

Partake in first-hand research

Set and collect camera traps.

Arctic exploration

Explore the reserve on foot, skidoo, 4x4, and deerskin skis.


Traditional Russian sauna.

St Russia Siberian Tiger Jan Stria

Accommodation highlights

Durminskoye Reserve Base - The ideal location for Siberian tiger tracking, this rustic log cabin will be your base, deep within Durminskoye Reserve.