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Lou Perry

Destination Specialist

After I finished university, I decided a life in Criminology was not for me, and wanted to get out of my comfort zone. It started with a 9-month trip to Asia, where I spent 4 months solo-backpacking around India (looking back, a bit of an ambitious destination for my first time out of Europe!), from there I headed to Malaysia where I fell in love with scuba diving which was to become a big part of my life over the next few years as I worked my way up to become a PADI Divemaster. I extended my travels as much as I could, breaking up long trips with a few months back in the UK where I would work as much as possible to save money for the next trip. In the next few years, I visited Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore and lived in Australia throughout the pandemic. Some of my most memorable experiences on my travels include fulfilling my childhood dream of seeing wild orangutan in the rainforests of Sumatra on a sweaty four-day trek, diving with countless manta rays and sharks in Komodo and summiting Mount Semeru in Java! I like to travel slow and really absorb as much as possible around me – wildlife, culture and especially food! Since I’ve been back in the UK I’ve enjoyed working in tailor-made travel and enabling others to have the experiences of their lifetime!