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Katie Todd

Polar Product Manager

I grew up overseas in the Middle East and Far East and we travelled all the time as a family, so I suppose it was always fate that I would end up in the travel industry. Since then I have travelled all over the world, including backpacking around the USA and Alaska in my early 20s, spending hours spotting wildlife in Kruger National Park, staying in a longhouse in the rainforest in Sarawak and seeing polar bears in the High Arctic.

I have been in the travel industry for 20 years, beginning as a ski rep in the Alps and then ultimately moving into product, contracting and operations for small specialist tour operators. I am now the Polar Product Manager here at Natural World Safaris, ensuring that our Svalbard small ship expeditions and Polar product as a whole are all running smoothly and we’re offering the best wildlife experiences. I thank my lucky stars that I work in a job that I absolutely love.

What is your first travel-related memory?

Apparently I was on my first flight at 2 months old to South Africa… I grew up in the Middle East and Far East and always remember being in the hot sun near a pool!

What are you most likely to splurge on while travelling?

I love being in places where others aren’t so I’d probably say exclusivity. I do also love some swanky place to stay every now and then though!

What do you like doing outside of NWS?

I’m a sea swimmer so being able to walk down to the beach in five minutes is a huge bonus! I’m also a big fan of hiking on the South Downs. We’re very lucky being based in Brighton with so much lovely countryside nearby.

Is there a standout destination in your mind?

Svalbard – it felt to me like being at the edge of the world.

What is your spirit animal?

I’m imagining a jaguar – sleek and elusive. In reality, I’m probably more like a seal, bobbing about in the sea…