Svalbard in April

April Weather and Where To Go

April is the peak breeding time for polar bears in Svalbard however, reaching the bears at this time of year is almost impossible unless you charter a private ship. Normal group safaris to encounter polar bears in Svalbard commence in May so if you wish to join an Arctic expedition to see the King of the Arctic we recommend travelling slightly later in the season.

Temperatures rise slightly in April, with an average minimum of -16°C and maximum temperatures of -9°C. You will therefore still need plenty of layers to keep you warm on any April Svalbard safari! Rainfall is significantly lower than March (16mm rather than 29mm) which is good news, however, there is likely to still be cloud coverage. 

In fact, Svalbard has an average of 85% cloud coverage year-round so enjoy the consecutive days of clear blue skies and sunshine if you get them.

The length of days in April lengthens dramatically from the 3.17 hours in March to 15.3 hours in April. This gives you the chance to really make the most of your day, perhaps going on a snowmobile safari. Land safaris at this time are easier than cruises as the pack ice has still not fully melted meaning some routes will still be inaccessible.

April is often the best time for winter sports in Svalbard so for those interested in skiing or dog-sledding this can be a perfect time to travel. Rather than heading out into the ice-filled north at this time, which may be impassable, you can visit accessible areas around Longyearbyen and enjoy some local hikes if weather conditions permit. 


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