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Svalbard Information

Welcome to our Svalbard information pages. Here you will find a forever-growing resource of information on Svalbard expeditions as we continue to grow our in-house knowledge and expertise, and share it with you.

As one of the best places to see polar bears in the wild, Svalbard safaris predominantly revolve around expedition ships that set out to explore the shorelines and Arctic ice floes of Spitsbergen. Later in the season as the ice melts, some of our expeditions even attempt to circumnavigate Spitsbergen whilst wildlife highlights, aside from polar bears, include walrus, arctic fox, caribou and even whales.

Aside from expedition ships, we also offer some land based safaris even taking in snowmobiling out to a ship frozen in the ice! Spend a few days here exploring the surrounds and then return to the comfort of the Trappers Hotel.

For further information on those questions and answers that you need to know, please browse our resources page below. 

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Polar bear close up, Svalbard

Best time to see polar bears in Svalbard

Discover the best time to go to Svalbard on safari in search of polar bears and other wildlife.

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Northern lights, Svalbard

Seeing the Northern Lights

Find out when it is possible to see the Lights in Svalbard, and whether you can combine this with your safari.

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M/V Kinfish in the ice - Will Bolsover

Charter An Arctic Expedition Ship

Find out more about chartering an exclusive expedition ship in the Arctic for your own safari.

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Svalbard Glacier

Do you need a visa to go to Svalbard?

Find out more about the visa requirements for Svalbard as well as the Norweigian embassy contact details.

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Landscapes, Svalbard

Svalbard Travel Information

Click here for travel info on Svalbard, including spending money, climate, visa, holiday protection and more.

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Polar bear in Svalbard, Chase Teron

What do you wear to Svalbard?

Layers are essential when travelling to Svalbard, but how many do you need? Find out what to wear here.

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Midnight sun, Svalbard

Where is the Svalbard Archipelago?

Details on Svalbard's location, how to get there for your Arctic safari, and some of the amazing landscapes.

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