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Whichaway Camp

Become one of only a few guests to ever stay at the most luxurious camp in the Polar Regions.

The camp has a very easy and friendly feel to it and is run to strict environmental guidelines to minimise the impact on the environment. Accessible only by private charter flight, and with space for just 12 guests in six luxury sleeping pods, Whichaway Camp is a once in a lifetime experience.

Made from the same materials as aerospace technology, the six tented en-suite pods have either one double or two single beds, a wash area and a separate toilet. Meals are served in the communal pod, which also serves as the perfect place to return to after your incredible day of adventures, relax by the warmth of the heater and share your incredible stories with the other explorers.

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Accommodation & Facilities

There are six luxury sleeping pods, designed for two people each. They are all heated and warm and serve as the perfect retreat after a long day exploring Antarctica. At just over 6 metres (20 feet) in diameter, they are nice and spacious, with a double bed (perfect for couples), a writing desk, wash area and toilet. For guests travelling separately, the room can be partitioned to allow more privacy. The rest of the camp is made up of a shower pod, kitchen pod and two custom-made tents. These are unique in style – fusing cutting edge materials with an old-world feel and house the lounge and dining room. In these pods, you can relax, enjoy fantastic food from an award winning chef and take things easy.


There is a communal pod in which meals are served, all meals are included and served fresh three timer per day, the menu is wide ranging from full English breakfasts to fresh seafood dishes.


There is a whole range of activities and excursions for you to choose from during your stay at the Whichaway Camp. Each morning after breakfast your personal guides will give you a number of options; the philosophy at this camp is that everything is entirely up to you! Whether you want to push yourself to the limits each day or take a few steps back - you decide. The expert guides are able to teach you everything you will need to become a polar explorer, from technical rock climbing to abseiling and kite-skiing.

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Emperor Penguins & The South Pole

Stay at Whichaway camp on this Safari

Emperor Penguins & The South Pole

Stay at Whichaway camp on this Safari

A luxurious safari to the heart of the great white continent; this safari is one of our favourite ways to see Antarctica. Be one of the few to visit the very bottom of the planet and stand on the South Pole before visiting the Akta Bay Emperor Penguin colony. Witness over 14,000 breeding pairs and their newly-hatched chicks as they start leaving their parent's feet for the first time!

Jan 2024 Dates Available