Swim with the largest animal known to roam the world's oceans

Our week-long Swimming with Blue Whales Safari is an incredible opportunity to snorkel with magnificent blue whales. Staying on a remote and beautiful beach on the southern tip of Sri Lanka, you head out each day with a photographer and research team. Your photographer will make sure he gets photos and videos of your journey, and capture images of you with the blue whales in the water. This small group departure is on set dates each year, and is limited to just four guests at a time.

A pioneering marine-safari, bringing you face to face with magnificent blue whales.

Your guide on this safari: Patrick Dykstra

BBC photographer, skydiver, caver, and intrepid traveller, Patrick Dykstra, has captured incredible images around the world. He has been at the forefront of exploration and documentation of the blue whales in Sri Lanka and works closely with the research teams, ensuring that the permits used to get our clients close to the whales, contribute to their conservation in the wild.

On this safari, Patrick will be with you on the boat, getting you to the right place to see the whales in the clearest water. He will be there to capture amazing footage of you with the whales, and for guidance throughout your pioneering journey.

Sri Lanka Blue Whale Safari Facts


This safari is 9 days long and limited to four guests per trip.


From £5,225 per person, excluding international flights

When to go

This is a small group departure with departures on Mar 7, 15, 23 and 31, 2017.

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