• Siberian tiger
  • Siberian tiger

Track the world's largest feline predator

Track the world's largest feline predator

This pioneering safari takes you into deepest Russia in search of Siberian tigers. Staying in a remote cabin, you venture out each day with expert and conservationist, Alexander Batalov, setting camera traps and collecting previous ones, then in the evening, watching the footage you've captured. 

This safari is about being in the wild environment of the Siberian tiger; it is unlikely you will actually see one, but it is about the experience and contributing to their continued survival. Having said that, journalist Sophy Roberts who travelled with us saw a huge tiger crossing her path in early 2016 on her Siberian Tiger Safari with us. We are the only company to date to have put clients in front of one of the only remaining living breathing Siberian tigers left in the world.

Your Guide: Alexander Batalov

Alexander has dedicated his life to the conservation of the beautiful Siberian tigers. Born in Russia, he established the Durminskoye Reserve and works tirelessly researching, directing and protecting their last remaining habitat.

Alexander Batalov

On this safari, Alexander will be your guide. You will also have an interpreter with you to make conversations easier. Alexander knows every inch of the reserve and will take you to the best places to explore, and set camera traps.

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Siberian Tiger Safari Quick Facts


This safari is 8 days, but can be tailor-made to your ideal length.


From £3,095 per person, excluding international flights

When to go

The season is from November to March, this is when it is cold and snowy!

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