Swim with Whale Sharks in Djibouti

This epic, pioneering safari takes you to Djibouti – a place few have heard of, and fewer can pin-point on a map. Djibouti is in Northeast Africa, and is one of the best places in the world to free dive with whale sharks. Guided by professional wildlife photographer, Joshua Barton, delve into the clear depths of the Gulf of Tadjoura to swim with the world’s largest fish. You will also explore some beautiful coral reefs, enjoy some secluded beaches, and venture through Djibouti City. Take a day to explore the second lowest depression on the face of the earth, Lac Assal; a saline lake which lies at an astounding 155 metres below sea level.

Swim with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, and explore the rarely-travelled, but completely stunning Djibouti.

Your guide on this safari: Joshua Barton

Joshua Barton is an avid, widely published underwater photographer who keenly explores the coasts and islands of the world for new locations and great sea life encounters. Taking the time to scout new locations, gathering information from locals, scientists, and like-minded adventurers, Joshua has developed a knowledge base of diverse locations and the best times and ways to visit, for the best encounters. From Central Madagascar to North Sumatra, Southern Ethiopia to North-east India Joshua has searched for and found outstanding locations for pristine wildlife encounters and photography.

joshua barton

In 2016, Joshua's group with NWS clients were the first non-professionals to photograph transient orcas underwater off the coast of Sri Lanka – and among the first anywhere in the world to do so. Joshua works with his expedition clients to guide them in using the right equipment and the right camera settings, and finding the right moments and perspectives to get the shots that his clients come across the world to capture. Joshua has been published in National Geographic Traveller, Sanctuary Magazine, Saevus, International Wildlife and many other periodicals, as well as over 50 newspapers or their online versions across the world.

Djibouti Whale Shark Safari Quick Facts


This safari is 6 days long and departs on in December & Jan.


From £3,345 per person, excluding international flights

When to go

This is a small group departure which departs on Dec 17, 2016 & Jan 3, 2017.

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