Lakes and Volcanoes

The stunning Lake District and some outstanding volcanoes, some of the most beautiful natural wonders of Chile.

Highlights and main attractions of the Chilean Lake District

Highlights and main attractions of the Chilean Lake District

If you took a bird’s eye view of Chile, there would be no mistaking Chile’s Lake District region. A mosaic of glacial blue lakes, snow-capped volcanoes, and monkey puzzle forests forge some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. A dramatic chain of lakes that stretches hundreds of kilometres from Temuco to Puerto Montt, with a similar a landscape found in neighbouring Argentina, many visitors combine both countries in one trip. 

Where is the Chilean Lake District?

Exploring the Lake District

Exploring the Lake District

Many fly into Puerto Montt, to latch onto the Carretera Austral, a road that weaves its way through dense forest and past scenic lakes on its way to Southern Patagonia, but it is to the north where we see the best of the Lake Distict. A short distance from Puerto Montt, we find Puerto Varas, a lakeside town which benefits from the incredible vista of Osorno Volcano across the lake. The town is inspired by German and Swiss architecture, boasts a number of first-rate boutique hotels, and is a paradise for outdoor activists. Slightly further north is another stunning lakeside town called Frutillar, where the black sand lakeside beach and crystal clear waters make a truly serene setting.

Travelling towards the mountains, passing crystalline lakes, ancient araucaria forests, and countless volcanoes lies Villarica National Park, and the unmissable Pucon. Most would be happy with the perfectly beautifully blue lake, or the perfectly conical volcano that peers over the town, occasionally glowing red and letting out a puff of smoke, but this town is Chilean capital of outdoor activities. The main attraction of the area is climbing Villarica Volcano, and reaching the summit leads to mind blowing views. Other activities include kayaking on the lake, canopy tours in nearby forests or rafting on the Trancura River, and the winter allows for snowboarding and skiing. End an energetic day relaxing in one of many nearby hot springs.

Neighbouring Argentina is never too far away, and the towns of Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes can be easily reached by car or bus. During the summer, there is a beautiful lake crossing from Puerto Montt to Bariloche, with majestic mountains, remarkable scenery, and stop at a beautiful Ecological village which is a nature lover’s paradise.


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