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When to visit Chile

The best time to visit Chile is usually between October to March, during the spring and summer months, however it does depend on what you'd like to do and see there. The sheer length of Chile produces some incredible areas and climates. Northern Chile is home to the Atacama Desert which can be accessed all year round. During the winter months of June, July and August the nightly temperatures regularly drop below freezing and is something to be aware of when making plans. Atacama is the driest desert on earth, but it does occasionally rain from November to February. In general it means it can easily be incorporated into your itinerary whenever you plan to travel. Similarly, Easter Islands are pretty pleasant all year round, although the winds and pacific ocean currents have a significant bearing on the climate. The peak season is January to March due to the higher temperatures. The winter months can bring more rain and be cooler, meaning that it is more peaceful to explore.

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The best time to visit Chile

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This is the peak summer season in Chile. Patagonia is particularly busy at this time of year as it is great for trekking. Whales arrive in the coastal waters of Patagonia Chile in this month before migrating to the shores of the Antarctic Peninsula in March.

Summer: October to March

This is the most popular time to visit Chile, trekking in Patagonia and the Lake District is much more pleasant and there are much better wildlife sightings at this time. Whales and Dolphins can be seen between January to March as whales frequent the coastal waters of Patagonian Chile before and after migrating to the shores of the Antarctic Peninsula. Penguins begin to arrive in Southern Patagonia in late September to mate, with chicks being seen in December, January and February. January and February are the hottest months meaning that the parks are full, and the beaches are crowded. With the weather clear and sunny, it is often cooler on the coast and close to the mountains; it is a perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities.

  • The spring months of September, October, and November offer the blossoming of colourful flowers, whereas the autumn months of March, April, May offer stunning red and brown forests.
  • For wine, late February to early May is ideal as it is certainly the best time to visit, as you can experience the full process from picking to bottling.
  • The winter months should be avoided as it can get bitterly cold, unless you are specifically looking for snow in the form of winter sports.
  • Whatever the time of year, be prepared for four seasons in one day, the famous Patagonian weather, as winds can howl and snow can fall at any time of the year.

Things to do in Chile

Track Pumas

Track the elusive South American puma with expert guides & photographers as you venture through the wild landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park.

Wildlife Photography

Capture Chile's stunning wildlife and landscapes through wildlife photography. You are likely to observe culpeo foxes, the mighty Andean condor, guanacos, and we hope to view the puma and the endangered huemul (South Andean deer). In the afternoons, after the peak sun hours and little wildlife activity, you may head to the western parts of the park where you can capture some of the more iconic landmarks such as Grey’s Glacier and The Horns.

Whale Watching

Head to the Chilean coast to observe the migration of humpback whales, blue whales, and dolphins. The best whale-watching spots include Chiloé Island and the fjords of Patagonia.


Chile is home to over 500 bird species. Explore various ecosystems, including wetlands, forests, and coastal areas, to spot unique bird species like the Andean condor, Magellanic penguin, and flamingos.