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Classic Chile Safari

Head out into the wild in search of Patagonia’s elusive apex predator, with your own private puma tracking guide, in this Classic Chile Safari. Take part in an array of activities in and San Pedro de Atacama and spend time in the Atacama Desert, visiting the likes of The Valley of the Moon.

What to expect?

Puma Tracking & Wildlife Photography

The goal is to photograph the Andean puma, and a dedicated tracking team sets off before you rise each morning in search of this majestic yet extremely elusive creature. The trackers keep us informed of any sightings by radio. Meanwhile, you enjoy photographing the sunrise while enjoying breakfast and hot coffee on the go. Most days begin close to camp, in the park’s eastern sector, taking advantage of the stunning morning light and any animal activity. You will spend approximately six hours viewing and photographing the native wildlife of the park. You are likely to observe culpeo foxes, the mighty Andean condor, guanacos, and we hope to view the puma and the endangered huemul (South Andean deer). In the afternoons, after the peak sun hours and little wildlife activity, you may head to the western parts of the park. Here you have the opportunity to capture some of the more iconic landmarks such as Grey’s Glacier and The Horns while waiting for news from the trackers. Watch the sun setting over the Paine massive before returning to camp. On the 4th day, you’ll spend the day exploring different parts of the National Park and enjoy the chance to observe other wildlife and take in some scenic spots you will not have gone to while focusing on pumas.

San Pedro de Atacama

Choose from a host of activities such as: Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) so called because of its similarity to the moon`s surface; Valley de la Muerte (Death Valley), an astonishing natural formation carved out by wind, rain, and the temperature changes in the desert; Atacama Salt Flats; Chaxa Lagoon, home to three types of flamingo; Tatio Geysers, more than 80 vents that rise into pillars of steam that rise up to heights of 12 metres (40 ft), and dance in the golden rays of the early morning; and Puritama Hot Springs- in a land where water is scarce, this is a truly enlightening experience!.

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Why book this trip?

  • Spend time in the Atacama Desert, visiting the likes of The Valley of the Moon
  • Head out into the wild in search of Patagonia’s elusive apex predator, with your own private puma tracking guide
  • Enjoy a variety of included activities at Remota Patagonia Lodge to make the most of the area’s vast wilderness
  • Explore Patagonia's native wildlife, including Andean condors, guanacos, culpeo foxes, and puma, making it a dream destination for wildlife photographers.
  • Tailor-Made Adventure: This safari provides a personalized, tailored adventure for wildlife enthusiasts and those seeking unique cultural and natural experiences.
  • Experience stunning architectural accommodations at the award-winning Remota Patagonia Lodge, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding fjords and glaciers.
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Accommodation Highlights

Remota Patagonia Lodge

Remota Hotel takes pride in the fact that even normal daily activities here become totally unforgettable. German Del Sol, an award winning architect, designed the place to have the most outstanding views of the surrounding fjords and glaciers. With a modern design and provocative architecture, it lies low above Last Hope Sound and has 72 guest rooms.